"Maine Governor Proposes 63 Clean Energy and Environment Reversals"

"Maine's new Tea Party governor is drawing the ire of environmental groups and health advocates, who charge that his proposed set of 63 regulatory rollbacks would threaten the state's nature-based economy and hamper its bold climate change efforts.

'Maine has been a real leader when it comes to these issues … and [the proposals] would put us at the back end,' Nathaniel Meyer, a field associate with Environment Maine, told SolveClimate News.

Gov. Paul LePage unveiled his list of proposed cutbacks on Jan. 21, after conducting a series of 'red-tape' audits with businesses and chambers of commerce to single out government rules that could be holding back business development in Maine."

Maria Gallucci reports for SolveClimate January 31, 2011.

Source: SolveClimate, 02/01/2011