"Major Fuel, Emissions Savings Unlikely in Autos -- Report"

"Efforts to cut emissions and fossil fuel use by 80 percent by 2050 deemed 'extremely challenging' by a panel of experts: 'On its own, the market would not make this transition.'"

"Efforts to drastically slash automobile emissions and fuel use within 40 years don't stand a chance without subsidies, technology improvements and more stringent government standards, according to a report by a panel of experts released Monday.

Congress in 2010 directed the National Research Council to assess the feasibility of reducing both gasoline use and greenhouse gas emissions in cars and light trucks by 80 percent by 2050. The council concluded that goal would be 'extremely challenging.'

Even hitting an intermediate target – cutting fuel use in half by 2030 – would be 'very difficult,' the council reported."

Brian Bienkowski reports for the Daily Climate March 19, 2013.


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Source: Daily Climate, 03/20/2013