"Mass. Governor Proposes $50 Million Plan To Brace for Global Warming"

"Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is pushing the state to strengthen its energy grid and sea walls against the potential effects of global warming. Many states are taking up such adaptation projects."

"Massachusetts state officials formally announced a $50 million effort to adapt to current and future effects of global warming, with some 80 percent of the money slated to support projects that will reduce the vulnerability of critical facilities in cities and towns to power failures.

The remaining $10 million is slated for projects to rebuild sea walls and repair or remove dams to deal with coastal and inland flooding from severe storms. Of that $10 million, $1 million is intended to support pilot projects in coastal communities to rebuild natural defenses against storm surge.

The program typifies a shift that has been under way during the past several years as states with global-warming policies have added adaptation to their agendas. More recently, they started to move beyond studies of needs to initiating projects, notes Kyle Aarons, a senior fellow with the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), based in Arlington, Va."

Pete Spotts reports for the Christian Science Monitor January 14, 2014.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, 01/15/2014