"The Men Who Struggled to Bring You the Electric Car Hit the Screen"

As all-electric cars are just arriving in showrooms, "the book about all this has yet to be written, but we do have a movie: 'Revenge of the Electric Car,' released last month at the Tribeca Film Festival. Director Chris Paine's debut, 2006's 'Who Killed the Electric Car?,' accused oil companies, auto companies and myopic leaders of squashing the car's first audition in the late 1990s. Now, Paine is back to chronicle how four men who attended the rebirth of the electric car have taken an honest crack at trying to get them on the road."

Saqib Rahim reports for ClimateWire May 2, 2011.


"Automakers Promote Hydrogen Cars; Obama Administration Remains Skeptical" (Washington Post)


Source: ClimateWire, 05/04/2011