"Mexico City Has Long Thirsted for Water. The Crisis Is Worsening."

"A system of dams and canals may soon be unable to provide water to one of the world’s largest cities, a confluence of unchecked growth, crumbling infrastructure and a changing climate."

"A collision of climate change, urban sprawl and poor infrastructure has pushed Mexico City to the brink of a profound water crisis.

The groundwater is quickly vanishing. A key reservoir got so low that it is no longer used to supply water. Last year was Mexico’s hottest and driest in at least 70 years. And one of the city’s main water systems faces a potential “Day Zero” this summer when levels dip so much that it, too, will no longer provide water.

“We’re suffering because the city is growing immeasurably and it cannot be stopped,” said Gabriel Martínez, 64, who lives in an apartment complex that struggles to get enough water for its roughly 600 residents. “There aren’t enough resources.”"

James Wagner, Emiliano Rodríguez Mega and Somini Sengupta report for the New York Times with photographs and video by César Rodríguez May 18, 2024.


"A Water War Is Brewing Between The U.S. And Mexico. Here’s Why." (Washington Post)

Source: NYTimes, 05/20/2024