"Mexico Pollution, Water Disputes Turn Political"

"MEXICO CITY — Water pollution disasters in Mexico have turned into political battles as officials struggled Wednesday to blame each other for the problems.

A town in western Jalisco state is fighting state officials over what caused the death of more than 200 tons of fish at a local lake.

Jalisco state inspectors said Tuesday that the fish, a species of chub, were killed by high levels of sewage dumped into Lake Cajititlan. The head of the state forensics office, Marco Antonio Cuevas Contreras, said fecal coliform levels were six times higher than permissible limits.

'The death of the fish ... was caused by the lack of oxygen due to the high level of pollution in the lake,' he said."

Mark Stevenson reports for the Associated Press September 10, 2014.

Source: AP, 09/11/2014