"Mice Harmed By Low Doses Of BPA But Not High Doses, Study Says"

"Baby mice exposed in the womb to low doses – but not high doses – of bisphenol A were fatter and had metabolic changes linked to obesity and diabetes, according to a new study published today."

"Building on previous studies that link the hormone-altering chemical to changes in body weight and glucose tolerance, the new research fuels an ongoing controversy over whether federal testing of chemicals is adequate to protect people from low doses.

'What’s scary is that we found effects at levels that the government not only says is safe, but that they don’t bother to test,' said Fredrick vom Saal, a University of Missouri, Columbia, professor and senior author of the study published in the journal Reproductive Toxicology."

Brian Bienkowski reports for Environmental Health News July 25, 2013.


"Exposure to BPA Chemical Far Less Than Thought: EU Watchdog" (AFP)

Source: EHN, 07/26/2013