"Missouri Halts Sale And Use Of Dicamba"

"COLUMBIA, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Agriculture announced July 7 it is banning the sale and use of dicamba products in Missouri effective immediately, after a second summer with numerous complaints of dicamba herbicides drifting and causing damage.

Retailers must stop sales and offers of sales of dicamba products labeled for agricultural use, and on-farm use must stop. The department called the move 'temporary until a more permanent solution is reached.'

'We want to protect farmers and their livelihoods,' director of agriculture Chris Chinn said in the release. 'At the same time, my commitment to technology and innovation in agriculture is unwavering. That’s why I am asking the makers of these approved post-emergent products, researchers and farmers to work with us to determine how we can allow applications to resume this growing season, under certain agreed conditions.'"

Benjamin Herrold reports for Iowa Farmer Today July 10, 2017.

Source: Iowa Farmer Today, 07/11/2017