NC: Buck Steam Station’s Coal Ash Ponds a Health Concern for Neighbors

"In their refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, residents along Leonard Road strive to keep a steady supply of what has become a staple beverage in their community over the past few months.

While bottled water has become relatively cheap on the shelves, relying solely on it and buying it for weeks and months on end tends to add up for families living close to the three coal ash ponds owned by Duke Energy’s Buck Steam Station, which reportedly has an estimated ash storage of 1.55 billion gallons.

Duke Energy’s neighbors say it’s worth it, since the common thinking nowadays along Leonard Road is “Don’t drink the well water.”

Don’t even cook with it or allow your children to play around it."

Jim Holt rreports for the Salisbury (NC) Post June 22, 2014.

Source: Salisbury (NC) Post, 06/23/2014