Need for More Tar Sands Imports Questioned With Latest U.S. Energy Data

"In 2040, domestic crude oil output will still be higher than it is today. Will the country's shifting energy picture affect Keystone XL's prospects?"

"WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Energy Department has sharply cut its forecast for crude oil imports in the next several years, saying that domestic oil will replace imports at a much faster rate than it expected just a few months ago.

Imports in 2016 will be one million barrels a day lower than it projected in April, the department's Energy Information Administration (EIA) said Monday in its preliminary annual energy outlook for 2014 and beyond.

'With growth in both oil and natural gas production, we see the U.S. moving closer toward self-sufficiency, and there are some very interesting economic and geopolitical implications to all that,' said Adam Sieminski, the EIA's administrator, at a briefing."

John H. Cushman Jr. reports for InsideClimate News December 17, 2013.

Source: InsideClimate News, 12/26/2013