"New Effort To Curtail Sewage in Boston"

"A settlement reached in federal court promises an accelerated attack on pollution from the labyrinth of pipes under Boston and from pavement runoff, an effort designed to prevent raw sewage and other pollutants from reaching area waterways."

"Pollution has remained an episodic problem — despite the $5.5 billion Boston Harbor cleanup — prompting beach closings and deterring those ready to dip their toes into the water. It is also a significant problem in fresh water, such as the Charles River, where storm runoff this year is contributing to blue-green algae blooms that can be a health risk to humans and animals.

The agreement, reached last week, comes two years after the Conservation Law Foundation and the US Environmental Protection Agency sued the Boston Water and Sewer Commission for not acting quickly enough to stop the pollution, largely from storm drains and illegal sewer pipe hookups."

Beth Daley reports for the Boston Globe August 27, 2012.

Source: Boston Globe, 08/27/2012