"New Fears Of 3M Chemicals"

"3M chemicals in human blood are linked to high cholesterol levels, according to three studies published in the past three weeks. The research, conducted nationally and in West Virginia, is part of mounting evidence about health effects from the Scotchgard-type chemicals that have been detected in the groundwater in the east metro area.

At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency is taking a closer look at the chemicals in light of public health concerns.

3M made the compounds, known as perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs, from the late 1940s until 2002 in Cottage Grove and disposed of waste in area dumps that the company is now cleaning up.

The company said again this week that the chemicals have not caused health problems for its own employees, who were exposed to much higher levels than the public."

Tom Meersman reports for the Minneapolis Star Tribune November 14, 2009.

Source: Minneapolis Star Trib, 11/16/2009