"New Jersey Moves To Shut Down Tesla Sales Despite Protests"

"Oh sure, the Tesla Model S may be the 'best car sold in America' per Consumer Reports, and it may be a Wall Street darling and perhaps the only electric vehicles for which demand exceeds supply. But that didn't stop regulators in New Jersey from ordering Tesla to shut down its stores by April 1 because the company doesn't use dealers like every other automaker."

"In a hastily called meeting packed with Tesla supporters, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission approved several rule changes that essentially shut down Tesla's two factory-direct stores in the state — not only barring automakers from selling without dealers, but also the mall showrooms that Tesla had used in place of a traditional stand-alone dealership.

The commission had proposed the changes last year, and Tesla had asked it to hold off and allow the state legislature to weigh in on whether Tesla's model was allowed by state law. But in its order, the commission rejects Tesla's concerns about lost sales, consumer preference and the company potentially having to cut 27 jobs, saying Tesla should have to meet the same rules as any other automaker."

Justin Hyde reports for Motoramic March 12, 2014.


"Christie’s Opposition to Tesla Spurs Cries of Hypocrisy" (Bloomberg)

Source: Motoramic, 03/13/2014