"New Map Shows Location of Nation's Most Toxic Industrial Boilers"

"Most of the biggest polluting industrial boilers are in manufacturing states east of the Mississippi River, but 68 dot the West coast states."

"Industries in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and South Carolina will have the most catching up to do when—and if—EPA begins forcing factory owners to tackle toxic emissions from boilers powering their manufacturing plants.

That's what Earthjustice discovered recently by creating a map pinpointing the whereabouts of the 1,753 industrial boilers that would be forced to curb pollutants under new regulations crafted by the Environmental Protection Agency. The bulk of the "offending" boilers are operating in manufacturing-heavy states east of the Mississippi River."

Elizabeth McGowan reports for InsideClimate News February 29, 2012.

Source: InsideClimate News, 03/01/2012