"New Teaching Standards Delve More Deeply Into Climate Change"

"Under proposed new national science standards, students would learn concepts more thoroughly, including how human activity is driving global warming."

"The politically touchy topic of climate change will be taught more deeply to students under proposed new national science standards released Tuesday.

The Next Generation Science Standards, developed over the last 18 months by California and 25 other states in conjunction with several scientific organizations, represent the first national effort since 1996 to transform the way science is taught in thousands of classrooms. The multi-state consortium is proposing that students learn fewer concepts more deeply and not merely memorize facts but understand how scientists actually investigate and gather information.

'What's important here is that the standards will give students a deep understanding of how science and scientists actually work,' said Phil Lafontaine, a California Department of Education official who helped create the proposed standards. 'It's not just what we know but how we came to know it.'"

Teresa Watanabe reports for the Los Angeles Times April 9, 2013.

Source: LA Times, 04/10/2013