"Nine of World's Biggest Fishing Firms Sign Up To Protect Oceans"

"Nine of the world’s biggest fishing companies have signed up to protect the world’s oceans, pledging to help stamp out illegal activities, including the use of slave labour, and prevent overfishing.

The initiative will be announced on Friday, as part of the UN Ocean Conference this week in New York, the first conference of its kind at which member states are discussing how to meet the sustainable development goal on ocean health.

Goal 14 of the roster requires countries to 'conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources'. However, little has yet been done to set out concrete commitments on meeting this target. The UN is hoping countries, companies and organisations will set out voluntary plans this week to work on issues such as pollution, overfishing, the destruction of coastal habitats, and acidification."

Fiona Harvey reports for the Guardian June 9, 2017.

Source: Guardian, 06/09/2017