"NJ Train Derailment Tips Tankers, Sickens Dozens"

"PAULSBORO, N.J. -- A freight train derailed Friday on a railroad bridge that has had problems before, toppling tanker cars partially into a creek and causing a leak of hazardous gas that was blamed for sickening dozens of people, authorities said."

"After hours of not registering at all on sensors, the level of the dangerous chemical spiked Friday evening, prompting authorities to evacuate people from several blocks around the site of the derailment and causing investigators to conduct interviews and record checks away from the accident site.

Members of the National Transportation Safety Board arrived in New Jersey on Friday afternoon to investigate. They will try to determine whether the derailment was caused by a problem with the bridge or if the derailment was to blame for the bridge's partial collapse."

Geoff Mulvihill reports for the Associated Press December 1, 2012.


"Expert: 'This Is Really Bad Stuff'" (South Jersey Courier-Post)

Source: AP, 12/03/2012