"No Cell Phone/Children's Cancer Risk? The Media Might Be Wrong"

"The results of an unprecedented study published yesterday in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute have been rocketing around the Internet: 'Study Sees No Cellphone-Cancer Ties'; 'Cellphones don't increase cancer risk in kids, study says'; 'Cellphones, kids and cancer: Don't worry, be happy?'. Less attention, however, has been paid to the fact that at least two prominent environmental health groups believe the study is fundamentally flawed. In the words of the Environmental Working Group, 'Although parents are likely feeling reassured by the first media headlines about a new Swiss study of brain tumor risk in children using cell phones, the findings are actually quite troubling.'" The study was funded in part by a cell phone industry group.

Daniel Fromson reports for the Atlantic July 28, 2011.

Source: Atlantic, 07/29/2011