"Obama Aide's Husband Lobbied for Oil Drilling"

"Florida looked to have the ultimate ace in the hole on oil drilling.

When President Barack Obama named Florida native Carol Browner the Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, groups opposed to oil drilling in the waters off Florida rejoiced.

But Browner's role as Obama's top adviser on major environmental issues could be clouded by her husband's past job as chief lobbyist for the group behind the latest push for more oil drilling off Florida's coast.

Thomas Downey, Browner's husband, was the lead lobbyist last year for Securing America's Future Energy, which paid Downey's firm about $150,000 in 2008. Over three years, SAFE has paid Downey's firm about $330,000, lobbying records show."

Jeremy Wallace Sarasota Herald-Tribune June 28, 2009.


Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 06/29/2009