"Obama Proposes $1 Billion Worth of Clean Vehicle Incentives"

"Visiting the Daimler truck manufacturing plant in Mount Holly, North Carolina Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced a new $1 billion set of incentives to help consumers and businesses purchase new advanced trucks and cars."

"President Obama announced a new National Community Deployment Challenge to catalyze up to 10 to 15 model communities to invest in the necessary infrastructure, remove the regulatory barriers, and create the local incentives to support deployment of advanced vehicles at critical mass.

This proposal is fuel neutral, allowing the selected communities to determine if electrification, natural gas, or other alternative fuels would be the best fit for them.

These model communities would serve as 'real-world laboratories,' leveraging limited federal resources to develop different models to deploy advanced vehicles at scale, the White House said in a statement."

Environment News Service had the story March 8, 2012.

Source: ENS, 03/09/2012