"Oil CEOs Head To Hill for Grilling By Senate Dems"

"WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats are calling top executives from the five biggest oil companies before a congressional hearing to flog them verbally for high gasoline prices, big profits and generous tax breaks that Democrats would like to end but don't have the votes to stop.

'Why on earth, when we are supposedly working to reduce the deficit, would we be subsidizing the top five oil companies?' Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said prior to the hearing today before the Senate Finance Committee. 'It's time for the big five oil companies to give up these subsidies and allow their companies to pay a fair share towards reducing the deficit."

The five companies booked profits totaling $36 billion the first quarter of this year. The Democrats say that with profits that high, the big oil companies wouldn't miss tax breaks that average $2 billion a year."

Stephen Ohlemacher reports for the Associated Press May 12, 2011.


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Source: AP, 05/12/2011