"One Arrest as BP Bars Door To Gulf Coast Protesters"

"LONDON — Scuffles between protesters and security guards marred BP's first annual shareholder meeting since the Gulf oil spill Thursday, as investors registered their disapproval with sizable protest votes against company directors.

Five Gulf Coast residents who had planned to tell investors about the loss of their livelihoods and health problems after the spill were denied access to the meeting, prompting confrontations with police and security guards outside the building.

Diane Wilson, a fourth-generation fisherwoman from Seadrift, Texas, was arrested after evading security to enter the foyer of the building, where she covered herself in a dark syrup to represent oil."

Jane Wardell reports for the Associated Press April 14, 2011.


"BP's PR Campaign Fails To Clean Up Reputation After Gulf Oil Spill" (Guardian)

Source: AP, 04/15/2011