OR Senate OKs Bill To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Cars, Trucks

"Despite unanimous opposition from Republicans, Oregon's Senate passed a bill this afternoon aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions from cars, SUVs and pickup trucks in metropolitan areas even as the state's population grows.

Senate Bill 1059 would require Oregon's departments of transportation and land conservation to develop a statewide transportation strategy on greenhouse gases and educate the public about "the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles" and the costs and benefits of doing so.

The agencies would also establish a "tool kit," planning guidelines and vehicle greenhouse gas reduction targets for five metropolitan areas: Bend, Corvallis, Eugene/Springfield, Medford and Salem/Keizer. The Portland area is already proceeding with legislatively mandated planning around vehicle emissions."

Scott Learn reports for the Portland Oregonian February 23, 2010.

Source: Portland Oregonian, 02/24/2010