"Outcry Prompts Expedited Plan To Move Fuel at Kewaunee Nuclear Plant"

"The Kewaunee nuclear power plant stopped producing electricity more than a year ago, but it left behind highly hazardous waste that has no place to go.

Radioactive rods of used nuclear fuel are cooling in a large storage pool inside the reactor, located east of Green Bay on the shore of Lake Michigan. Plant owner Dominion Resources Inc. wants to speed up plans to empty the pool and put the rods in more secure long-term storage.

Under Dominion's plan, all of the spent fuel will be moved from the pool by the end of 2016. The rods will be encased in 24 concrete casks, each standing 18 feet tall, that will be moved from the reactor building to a concrete pad outside, said Dominion spokesman Mark Kanz."

Thomas Content reports for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 6, 2014.

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 07/08/2014