"PBS NewsHour's Climate Change Report Raises Eyebrows (VIDEO)"

"A recent report from 'PBS NewsHour' on climate change has drawn sharp criticism from climate groups that feel it provides a false sense of debate around the facts of climate change."

"The segment, which aired on September 16, features interviews with 'converted skeptic' and University of California, Berkeley professor Richard Muller, along with climate skeptic Anthony Watts, a retired meteorologist.

Despite PBS' acknowledgement that climate scientists almost unanimously concur that manmade climate change is occurring, critics charge that featuring Watts 'propagates confusion' and obscures the distinction between a scientific consensus and a very small, but vocal, minority who has a vested interest in this confusion.

Media Matters reports, 'The segment presented Watts as the counterbalance to scientists that believe in manmade global warming.' They also point out that PBS fails to mention that Watts has direct ties to the Heartland Institute, a group known for promoting anti-environmental regulation and furthering climate change skepticism."

James Gerken reports for the Huffington Post September 18, 2012.


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Source: Huffington Post, 09/19/2012