"Peru Investigates the Killing of an Environmental Advocate"

"LIMA, Peru — The authorities here are investigating the killing of an environmental advocate and indigenous leader who died along with three other men in a remote region of the Amazon jungle that he had sought to protect from illegal logging.

The advocate, Edwin Chota, 54, was a leader of the Ashaninka Indian village of Saweto, near the Brazilian border. Mr. Chota was killed after leaving Saweto on Aug. 31, while on his way to meet with leaders from another Ashaninka village some days walk away, according to his widow, Julia Pérez, and media reports.

Three other Saweto leaders accompanying him were also killed, officials said."

Andrea Zarate and William Neuman report for the New York Times September 10, 2014.


"Illegal Loggers Suspected In Death Of Peruvian Activist" (NPR)

Source: NY Times, 09/11/2014