"Pinellas Beginning To Assess Risks of Sea-Level Rise"

"CLEARWATER -- Despite warnings from scientists, rising sea levels still seem little more than a distant, imperceptible threat, a phenomenon whose change is measured in centimeters over decades."

"Nowhere is that reflected more than in peninsular Florida, where cities and counties continue to approve hundreds of luxury homes, hotels and condos on exposed barrier islands and slowly receding coastlines.

In the past two years, though, widespread flooding from Tropical Storm Debby and Hurricane Sandy has prompted a growing realization among planners that government agencies can no longer ignore rising sea levels, which scientists warn will result in destruction of habitat, loss of farmland, increased salt-water intrusion and more severe and frequent flooding."

Christopher O'Donnell reports for the Tampa Tribune April 22, 2013.

Source: Tampa Tribune, 04/23/2013