Pittsburgh: "PWSA Looks At Pipe Coatings To Tackle Lead Problem"

"For Pittsburghers trying to guard their tap water from lead, the price can be steep.

Excavating and replacing a privately owned lead service line — the water connection into a house — can cost some $4,500, according to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. The price may vary by thousands from property to property.

But an emerging technology could coat the insides of those pipes instead, a process shown elsewhere to prevent lead contamination for much less expense and disruption, authority spokesman Will Pickering said Wednesday. Under a pilot agreement with PWSA, a West Coast company is employing the approach at six Hill District homes to show its effectiveness here."

Adam Smeltz reports for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette September 27, 2017.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 09/28/2017