"Plan Approved To Tow Grounded Shell Drilling Rig To Safe Waters"

"ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Efforts to pull the Shell drilling rig Kulluk from its near-shore perch on rocks and gravel moved ahead mainly in secret Saturday, though officials disclosed Alaska has approved a tow plan to a temporary destination in nearby safe waters and that towing could be attempted at any time."

"They said that the tough, round rig is believed to be seaworthy and there was still no evidence it has caused any environmental damage.

"The vessel has been deemed sound and fit to tow, a tow plan has been developed, and the Unified Command has reviewed and approved that plan," Sean Churchfield, Alaska operations chief for Shell, said at a news briefing Saturday afternoon in Anchorage."

Richard Mauer reports for the Anchorage Daily  News January 6, 2013.


"Alaska Oil Rig Grounded In Sitkalidak Island Challenges Shell's Plan" (Reuters)

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 01/07/2013