"Planned Nuclear Waste Facility Raises Fears for Great Lakes"

"Some materials that would be stored in a proposed underground nuclear waste facility less than a mile from Lake Huron are hundreds of times more radioactive than was told to Canadian government officials considering the site.

That revelation was brought to light by Frank Greening, a nuclear scientist who once worked for Ontario Power Generation, the utility seeking the deep geologic repository to store low- to intermediate-radioactive waste in Kincardine, Ontario, about 111 miles northeast of Port Huron on the Canadian side of Lake Huron.

Greening’s finding, along with a February accident at a similar underground nuclear waste storage facility in New Mexico that left workers on the surface exposed to radiation, has left Canada’s joint review panel asking new questions about the viability of the Kincardine project, and residents up in arms."

Keith Matheny reports for the Detroit Free Press April 13, 2014.

Source: Detroit Free Press, 04/15/2014