Population, Climate Leave Cities On A Fast Track To Water Deficits

"By 2050 many of the world's major cities will face surface water shortages, spurring regional conflict and competition for scarce resources

More than a hundred cities—containing millions of people—will have water demands outstripping surface water supplies by 2050, according to a new analysis of climate change impacts on water.

The global study cited many cities in the U.S.—including Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Ana and Long Beach in California, and Phoenix, Arizona—as headed for worsening future water problems.

These water deficits—exacerbated by a changing climate, a growing population and urbanization— will spur conflict between cities and nearby farming areas and put pressure on already stressed groundwater supplies. "

Brian Bienkowski reports for the Daily Climate January 18, 2018.


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Source: Daily Climate, 01/25/2018