Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup Plans Deficient: EPA

"A landmark report on Portland harbor cleanup alternatives drafted by key harbor property owners last year has 'many deficiencies' and needs 'substantial revision,' the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says."

"EPA said it would step in to rewrite sections of the report itself, taking some of the work out of the hands of the Lower Willamette Group. The group includes the city of Portland, the Port of Portland, Northwest Natural Gas Co. and 11 harbor industries.

The group's draft 'feasibility study' last March underestimated the effectiveness of higher-cost options, primarily dredging contaminated sediment in the 11-mile Superfund site, EPA's review says.

It also overestimated the payoff from low-cost alternatives such as 'natural recovery' -- letting cleaner sediment drift in to cover contaminated soil, the EPA said in the review, released Tuesday."

Scott Learn reports for the Portland Oregonian January 22, 2013.

Source: Portland Oregonian, 01/23/2013