Portland Votes To Add Fluoride To Its Drinking Water

"The Portland City Council voted 5-0 during a raucous public meeting Wednesday morning to add fluoride to Portland's drinking water, ending the city's status as the only major U.S. city that hasn't approved fluoridation."

"But opponents immediately vowed to try to thwart the effort by gathering enough signatures in 30 days to block the plan and force a public vote.

The unanimous decision -- affecting about 900,000 residents in Portland, Gresham, Tigard and Tualatin -- followed a nearly seven-hour hearing Sept. 6 in which people on both sides of the issue traded statistics and made impassioned pleas. Some argued that fluoride effectively fights tooth decay, for example, while others characterized fluoridation as forced medication."

Beth Slovic reports for the Oregonian September 12, 2012.

Source: Portland Oregonian, 09/13/2012