Portland's Big Pipe solves CSO problem, but for how long?

For the past several years Portland, Oregon's Environmental Services has been involved in the largest and most expensive public works project in the city's history: the Big Pipe. When this project is finished in 2011, the volume of combined sewage and stormwater that now overflows to the river when it rains will be reduced by more than 94%. Portland Environmental Services director Dean Marriott and Paul Gribbon, the Willamette River CSO Tunnel Program Chief Engineer talk with Locus Focus host Barbara Bernstein about how the city plans to integrate the Big Pipe into a bigger vision advancing green infrastructure program (ecoroofs, green streets and rain gardens)to make sure that the pipe does not become obsolete sooner than planned. Broadcast on KBOO-FM 90.7 Portland, Oregon, Monday, December 20 10 - 11 AM PST. Podcast at http://kboo.fm/locusfocus

Source: KBOO, 12/18/2010