"Predator Fish in Oceans on Alarming Decline, Experts Say"

"Over the past 100 years, some two-thirds of the large predator fish in the ocean have been caught and consumed by humans, and in the decades ahead, the rest are likely to perish, too.

In their place, small fish such as sardines and anchovies are flourishing in the absence of the tuna, grouper and cod that traditionally feed on them, creating an ecological imbalance that experts say will forever change the oceans.

'Think of it like the Serengeti, with lions and the antelopes they feed on,' said Villy Christensen of University of British Columbia's Fisheries Centre. 'When all the lions are gone, there will be antelopes everywhere. Our oceans are losing their lions and pretty soon will have nothing but antelopes.'"

Marc Kaufman reports for the Washington Post February 21, 2011.

Source: Wash Post, 02/21/2011