Pro-Fracking Petition With Fake Signatures Embarrasses Gas Association

In Fort Collins, Colorado, where the oil and gas industry is fighting a municipal ban on fracking, Coloradoan reporter Bobby Magill discovered that the state oil and gas association had forged some two-thirds of the "business" signatures on a petition to the city council.

"Outlawing fracking in Fort Collins makes local business owners sad. At least, that’s what liars working for the Colorado Oil and Gas Association tried to tell local lawmakers.

Anders’ Auto Glass, Meneike Car Care Center, and Computer Renaissance were among 55 businesses whose names appeared with signatures on a petition that the association submitted to Fort Collins City Council. The petition urged city councilors to vote against a proposed ban on fracking within the city.

The petition failed. Following a two-hour Feb. 19 hearing, the council voted 5-2 to ban hydraulic fracturing in Fort Collins.

But it turns out that none of those three businesses support fracking in their town, they told Fort Collins Coloradoan reporter Bobby Magill. Why on earth would they?"

John Upton reports for Grist February 26, 2013.


"Businesses Surprised To See Their Names on Fracking Petition" (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Source: Grist, 03/06/2013