"Q&A: The NYT’s Justin Gillis"

“We’ve never seen newspaper stories like this and we’re using them in our classes to teach students the basics of environmental science.”

"At the end of March, Columbia University awarded the 2011 Oakes Award for Distinguished Environmental Journalism to New York Times reporter Justin Gillis for his ongoing multimedia series, Temperature Rising, examining the fundamental tenets of manmade climate change. Articles in the series, most of which appear on the front page, provide in-depth, back-to-basics assessments of global warming’s effects on glaciers, forests, food supply, weather, and more, and Gillis often follows up with more details on the Times’s Green Blog. Following his latest A1 story, about the strange run from hot to cold temperatures in recent weeks, CJR’s Curtis Brainard talked to Gillis about staying focused on a story that’s lost traction elsewhere in the media."

Curtis Brainard reports for the Columbia Journalism Review's The Observatory April 2, 2012.


"Temperature Rising" Series portal (New York Times)

Source: Columbia Journalism Review, 04/04/2012