"The Race To Dig Deeper Ports For Bigger Cargo Ships"

"In 2014, when expansion of the Panama Canal is complete, a new generation of superlarge cargo ships will begin calling on the East Coast. Cities like New York; Savannah, Ga.; and Miami are vying for the new business, as they race to deepen their ports and expand their facilities to accommodate the new ships."

"But some of the cities are running into significant challenges. In Miami, where plans are under way to deepen the port to 50 feet, dredging is a hot topic. Some see it as a great business opportunity. To others, it's a threat to the environment.

The director of Miami's port, Bill Johnson, is one of those who's excited: 'We are the only port south of Norfolk, Va. ... that has full approval from the U.S. Congress to go to that depth. It is the game changer,' he says."

Greg Allen reports for NPR's All Things Considered January 5, 2012.

Friday, January 6, 2012
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