Reformer Roemer Tours Country in RV, Eyeing Presidential Campaign

"Buddy Roemer's sense of right and wrong hasn't always meshed well with his political ambitions.

Twenty years ago, as governor of Louisiana, he shut down Marine Shale Processors for incinerating hazardous waste without the required permits. The owner spent $500,000 on attack ads in the 1991 gubernatorial race, and Roemer lost his campaign for re-election.

Today Charles "Buddy" Roemer is exploring a possible presidential campaign from his RV, refusing any contributions over $100. His stance against corporate influence has left him with a paltry $55,000 in donations, almost half of which came out of his own pocket. It is fair to characterize him as the longest of long shots."

Emily Yehle reports for Greenwire May 24, 2011.

Source: Greenwire, 05/25/2011