"Religious Groups Push for Climate Change Legislation"

"When Orthodox Jews Met With Top White House Adviser David Axelrod and a Handful of U.S. Senators This Month as Part of an Annual Lobbying Effort, They Talked up Climate Change Legislation as a Way To Improve Security for the United States and Israel. 'america's Reliance on Imported Oil From the Arab Middle East Has Been a Grave Concern for a Very Long Time,' Says Nathan Diament, Public Policy Director for the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America. ...

as Environmental Interests Begin Pressing the Senate To Pass Major Climate Legislation Before Next Year's Midterm Elections, Groups and Activists From Across the Spectrum of American Religious Traditions Have Emerged as an Integral Part of the Effort. Some Denominations and Faith-Based Organizations Are Planning Grass-Roots Campaigns Around the Bill for This Fall. the White House's Faith-Based Advisory Council Has Convened a Climate Change Task Force. and Pope Benedict Xvi's Environmental Proclamations ... Have Earned Him the Nickname the 'green Pope.'"

Dan Gilgoff Reports for U.S. News & World Report September 25, 2009.

Source: U.S. News, 09/28/2009