"Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid, Draft of U.S. Study Finds"

"Wind and solar power don’t pose a significant threat to the reliability of the U.S. power grid, Energy Department staff members said in a draft report, contradicting statements by their leader Rick Perry.

'The power system is more reliable today due to better planning, market discipline, and better operating rules and standards,' according to a July draft of the study obtained by Bloomberg.

The findings -- which are still under review by the department’s leadership -- contrast with Perry’s arguments that "baseload" sources such as coal and nuclear power that provide constant power are jeopardized by Obama-era incentives for renewable energy, making the grid unreliable."

Catherine Traywick, Ari Natter, and Jennifer A Dlouhy report for Bloomberg July 14, 2017.


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Source: Bloomberg, 07/18/2017