"Report: Climate Change Intensified 2012 Record Heat In U.S."

"Manmade climate change played a substantial role in the exceptional warmth in the eastern U.S. during the spring of 2012, a major NOAA-led report concludes. Not only that, it greatly increased the odds of the punishing heat that baked the north central and northeast U.S. during the following summer."

"'Approximately 35 percent of the extreme warmth experienced in the eastern U.S. between March and May 2012 can be attributed to human-induced climate change,' NOAA says about the results of one of the report’s 18 studies.

Drawing from another study, NOAA adds: 'High temperatures, such as those experienced in the [north central and northeast] U.S. in [summer] 2012 are now likely to occur four times as frequently due to human-induced climate change.'"

Jason Samenow reports for the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang blog September 5, 2013.


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Source: Capital Weather Gang, 09/06/2013