"Report: Environmental Chemicals a Pregnancy Risk"

"WASHINGTON -- From mercury to pesticides, Americans are exposed daily to environmental chemicals that could harm reproductive health, the nation's largest groups of obstetricians and fertility specialists said Monday."

"The report urges doctors to push for stricter environmental policies to better identify and reduce exposure to chemicals that prove truly risky. But it's likely to scare pregnant women in the meantime.

That's because during the first prenatal visit, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists wants doctors to ask mothers-to-be about their exposure to different chemicals. They're also supposed to teach women how to avoid some considered most worrisome during pregnancy."

Lauran Neergaard reports for the Associated Press September 23, 2013.


"Pesticide May Cause Lower Birth Weight, Study Says" (Huffington Post)

Source: AP, 09/24/2013