Report Spotlights Billions in U.S. Subsidies for Junk Food Ingredients

"The federal government has spent $16.9 billion over the past 15 years to subsidize key ingredients in junk foods that bloat Americans’ midsections and contribute to obesity-related medical conditions that cost billions more to treat."

"That’s the bottom line of a report titled, “Apples to Twinkies: Comparing Federal Subsidies of Fresh Produce and Junk Food.” It was released last week by the federation of public interest research groups known as U.S. PIRG.

By comparison, the advocacy  group’s report said, the government over the same period spent a comparatively paltry $262 million on subsidies for apples — the only fruit or vegetable to receive a significant amount of such federal support. That translates annually to $7.36 per taxpayer for junk food ingredients, versus 11 cents per taxpayer for apples."

Robert T. Nelson reports for FairWarning September 26, 2011.

Source: FairWarning, 09/26/2011