"Report on Warming Offers New Details"

"Man-made climate change could bring parching droughts to the Southwest and pounding rainstorms to Washington, put Vermont maple sugar farms out of business and Key West underwater over the next century, according to a federal report released yesterday.

The report, a compilation of work by government scientific agencies, provided the most detailed picture yet of the United States in 2100 -- if nothing is done to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

It found that a warmer world, with average U.S. temperatures increasing four to 11 degrees, would significantly alter natural ecosystems and urban life. More than before, scientists broke down those effects to the regional level.

The timing of yesterday's report was also significant, with the House of Representatives considering a bill that would cap heat-trapping emissions. "

David A. Fahrenthold reports for the Washington Post Staff June 17, 2009.

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Source: Wash Post, 06/17/2009