"Research Skewers Claim That Clouds Cause Climate Change"

"Taking on controversial claims that clouds are a main driver of temperature changes across the globe, a Texas A&M University atmospheric scientist finds evidence of cherry picking and errors. New findings published Tuesday appear to undermine a controversial study - oft-cited by those who downplay the human impacts of climate change - that claimed variations in cloud cover are driving temperature changes across the globe."

"The latest analysis confirms that the reverse is true: Clouds change in response to temperature changes. There is no evidence clouds can cause climate change, concluded the report's author, Andrew Dessler, an atmospheric scientist at Texas A&M University. 'Suggestions that significant revisions to mainstream climate science are required are therefore not supported,' he concluded.

Dessler's findings are the third blow in less than a week to the research of University of Alabama, Huntsville, climatologist Roy Spencer."

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate September 7, 2011.


Source: Daily Climate, 09/07/2011