"Residents: Pa. Ignoring Their Drilling-Related Health Complaints"

"PITTSBURGH -- The Pennsylvania Department of Health says it investigates every claim by residents that gas drilling has caused health problems, but several people say the agency's actions don't match its words."


Two western Pennsylvania residents told The Associated Press that health officials have fallen short in responding to their health complaints.

The AP also found that the toll-free number the agency gives out for gas drilling complaints doesn't mention the issue in its automated menu, and the agency's website doesn't have a specific place for people to file such complaints.

And the AP inquiry showed that the agency didn't begin keeping track of possible health complaints tied to gas drilling until 2011, several years after a surge of activity in the gas-rich Marcellus Shale."

Kevin Begos reports for the Associated Press May 12, 2012.


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Source: AP, 05/15/2012