"Residents in Soggy Seattle Rebel Against the Sun"

"Seattle's mayor is losing sleep over the unusually hot, dry weather that is causing a run on air conditioners and fans in the famously rainy city.

Washington state's largest metropolis sweated through its hottest June on record, going fortnights without even a drizzle. Seattleites jokingly refer to the month of 'Juneuary' for the wet and cold they usually endure before longer, dryer sunny days arrive in July, typically persisting into September.

This summer, however, they have shrugged off the rain gear and flannel and taken to drinking 'iced' lattes. Many, including Mayor Ed Murray, find themselves oddly yearning for the cloud cover on which Rain City's identity was forged."

Eric M. Johnson reports for Reuters July 10, 2015.

Source: Reuters, 07/10/2015