"Rich Nations Accused Over 'Logging Loophole' at Bonn Climate Talks"

"Rich countries led by Russia, Australia and the EU have been accused of trying to cheat their way out of reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by creating 'dishonest' forestry accounting loopholes.

By seeking to change the rules that govern the offsetting of emissions from planting trees and ignoring those that are created by felling them, these nations would give the impression that they were acting to prevent climate change – but a growing number of developing countries and environmental groups say that in reality they would be undermining genuine cuts.

The row surfaced at the resumption of the UN climate negotiations in Bonn this week, but today became a major point of contention between rich and poor nations. Diplomats from the G77, the Africa group of countries, Pacific islands like Tuvalu and the coalition of rainforest countries all demanded that the rich nations (so-called Annex 1 nations) make absolute reductions in emissions."

John Vidal reports for the Guardian June 8, 2010.


Source: Guardian, 06/09/2010