Right-Wing Group Writes Anti-EPA Bills for State Legislatures

"A Virginia state lawmaker caused a stir in February when he admitted that his resolution declaring U.S. EPA's effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions a 'regulatory train wreck' was written by the coal industry.

Republican Delegate Will Morefield's resolution said EPA regulations would have potentially 'devastating consequences,' called for a 'comprehensive study' of their impact on the economy and urged Congress to place a two-year moratorium on new air pollution regulations.

Morefield's resolution was drawn almost word-for-word from model legislation written by the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which touts its access to almost 2,000 state legislators. The Washington, D.C.-based group claims credit for advancing legislation that it says has undermined climate science and environmental regulation in several states since the late 1990s."

Amanda Peterka reports for ClimateWire April 4, 2011.


"State Legislatures Pile Onto Anti-EPA Climate Rule Effort" (ClimateWire)

Source: ClimateWire, 04/05/2011